To enable the previously disadvantaged people to cope with the economic challenges of their country by turning them into entrepreneurs and masters of their destiny.


To empower communities in the area of sustainable living
To contribute to the sustainable development of South Africa
Improve the livelihood of communities


  • People Excellence
  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Integrity, and
  • Performance

Our Projects

We aspire to world class fulfilment in everything we do, through our core competence in design, delivering of projects and services primarily to the development of emerging economies.

  1. Client: Agriseta
    Location: Mpumalanga Province – Nooitgedacht Dam Nature Reserve.
    Learnership Programme Name: Plant Production NQF Level 2
  2. Client: National Youth Development Agency
    Location: Kwazulu Natal – New Castle
    Learnership Programme Name: Plant Production NQF Level 2
  3. Client: Department of Environmental Affairs
    Location: Mpumalanga Greening Bushbuckridge Municipality
    Learnership Programme Name: Agriculture 071 Plant Production NQF2
  4. Client: Department of Environmental Affairs
    Location: Bangwato – Free State Greening and Management Parks
    Learnership Programme Name: Agriculture 071 Plant Production NQF2
  5. Client: City of Tshwane
    Location: Bronkorspruit
    Learnership Programme Name: Animal Production NQF Level 1
  6. Client: City of Tshwane
    Location: Bronkorspruit
    Learnership Programme Name: Horticulture
  7. Muselwa Trading and Projects is currently doing a learnership programme in horticulture
    NQF Level 1 and 2 In Limpopo, Free State, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and North West.

Muselwa Trading and Projects has grade 4 and 5 grading in Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

Muselwa Trading and Projects is registered with National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

Muselwa Trading and Projects is South Africa’s black pioneering company within the construction sector with a focus on civil engineering, contracting and construction services. We have created employment, developed skills, installed infrastructure, delivered services, applied technology and built capacity throughout South Africa, making a significant contribution to sustainable socio-economic development in the country.

Muselwa is primarily focused on construction industry; materials supply and services to the construction industry. Our core business is on construction building housing, civil engineering projects design to build and construction of large buildings and human settlements construction of large structures in public and private infrastructure, including heavy civil structures, electrical and piping real estate and related infrastructure in public and private sectors.

We aspire to world class fulfilment in everything we do, through our core competence in design, delivering of projects and services primarily to the development of emerging economies. Our market sectors include building and infrastructure.

Our company strives for excellence, quality and reliability, offering best practice and innovative solutions to the construction sector, drawn from hard-won specialist knowledge. We have a reputation of delivering projects on time, within budget and with an excellent safety record, underpinned by a commitment by the leadership.

Past projects to name but a few these are some of the project that we have successfully delivered:

  • Gobandlovu Community Hall
  • Madlankala Community Hall
  • Malmesbury Low Cost Housing
  • Emvuntshini High School
  • Cabhana Primary School
  • Ndaya Low Cost Housing
  • Brana Primary Schools
  • Emvunsthini Low Cost Housing
  • The company has built 90 RDP houses in Free State



At Muselwa and Projects, we are proud to share the success of our short-term insurance training program, which ran from November 2023 to April 2024 in various locations across Mpumalanga, including Vaalbank, Mbombela, Secunda, Witbank, Mkhondo, and Bushbuckridge. With a completion rate of 93% among 200 learners, our program has been a testament to our commitment to excellence in education and training:

  • High Completion Rate: Out of 200 learners enrolled in the program, 186 successfully completed the course, reflecting our dedication to quality training and support.
  • Experienced Facilitators: Our team included 8 highly skilled facilitators, ensuring a learner-to-facilitator ratio of 1:25. This allowed for personalized attention and a supportive learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Resources: We provided all necessary resources to our learners, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), stationery, and backpacks. This ensured that every learner was well-equipped to participate fully in the program.
  • Supportive Learning Environment: Our facilitators created an inclusive and engaging learning atmosphere, fostering collaboration and active participation among learners.
  • Practical Skills Development: The program was designed to equip learners with practical skills and knowledge relevant to the short-term insurance industry, preparing them for real-world challenges and opportunities.

At Muselwa and Projects, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. Our short-term insurance program is just one example of our dedication to providing impactful, high-quality training that equips individuals with the skills they need to thrive in their careers.

Facilitator Testimonials

“Working with Muselwa and Projects has been a rewarding experience. The commitment to providing high-quality resources and support to learners made a significant difference in their success.” – Facilitator . Mr Marowa

“The program’s structure and the ratio of learners to facilitators allowed us to give each learner the attention they needed to succeed. It was gratifying to see such a high completion rate.” – Facilitator Mr Sithole

“The short-term insurance program was a game-changer for me. The facilitators were knowledgeable and supportive, and the resources provided were top-notch. I feel well-prepared to pursue a career in this field.” – Thabo M.

“I appreciated the attention to detail and the hands-on approach of the facilitators. The small class sizes made it easy to ask questions and get the help I needed.” – Zanele K.


At Muselwa and Projects, we are thrilled to highlight the success of our recent horticulture training program in Mpumalanga, specifically in Bushbuckridge. Partnering with Agriseta, we enrolled 150 learners in our comprehensive NQF 2 horticulture program, with 125 successfully completing the course.

Program Achievements

  • High Completion Rate: Out of 150 learners enrolled in the program, 125 successfully completed the NQF 2 horticulture program, demonstrating our commitment to thorough and effective training.
  • Experienced Facilitators: With a team of 12 skilled facilitators, we maintained a low learner-to-facilitator ratio to ensure personalized attention and effective learning outcomes.
  • Resource Provision: We equipped our learners with essential resources, including PPE, stationary, course materials, and support from assessors and moderators. This ensured that every participant had the tools necessary for success.

At Muselwa and Projects, we are committed to empowering individuals through practical, industry-aligned training. Our horticulture program in Bushbuckridge exemplifies our mission to deliver impactful education that prepares learners for success in their chosen fields.

“Working with Muselwa and Projects on the horticulture program was a fulfilling experience. The organization’s dedication to quality education and support for both learners and facilitators was commendable.” – Ms. Riteyo.

“The structure and organization of the program allowed us to focus on each learner’s needs effectively. It was gratifying to see the positive impact on the participants’ skills and confidence.” – Mrs Khotatso.

The horticulture program with Muselwa and Projects has been transformative for me. The hands-on approach and dedicated facilitators made learning enjoyable and rewarding.” – T Legodi.

“I appreciate how Muselwa and Projects prioritized our learning experience. The resources provided were top-notch, and the support from facilitators was exceptional.” – N Dzhabu.


At Muselwa and Projects, we are excited to share the success of our expansive project across five provinces— Limpopo, Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, North-West, and Eastern Cape. This two-year program focused on waste management, horticulture, and landscaping, benefiting 500 learners in total. Facilitated by a dedicated team of 10 skilled professionals, the project aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to empower communities through cooperative formation as an exit strategy.

Program Highlights

  • Broad Reach: Spanning five provinces, our program reached 500 learners, offering training in waste management, horticulture, and landscaping. This wide coverage ensured that communities across diverse regions benefitted from our educational initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Training: Over the two-year duration, learners gained practical skills and knowledge essential for careers in environmental sustainability and landscaping, aligning with industry demands and future job opportunities.
  • Facilitator Expertise: With 10 experienced facilitators, we maintained a supportive learning environment, providing personalized guidance and mentorship to ensure the success of every participant.
  • Cooperative Formation: As an exit strategy, we focused on empowering participants by forming 10 cooperatives. This initiative aimed to sustain the impact of our training, fostering economic independence and community development.

At Muselwa and Projects, we remain dedicated to creating lasting change through education and empowerment. Our project across five provinces underscores our mission to equip learners with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed, while also fostering sustainable community development.

“Working on this project was incredibly fulfilling. Muselwa and Projects’ commitment to empowering learners and building sustainable communities through education is truly commendable.” – T Mahlope

“The cooperative formation strategy was an innovative approach to ensuring long-term impact. It was inspiring to see how participants embraced entrepreneurship and community development.” – W Mahapa

“I appreciate how Muselwa and Projects invested in our communities through cooperative formation. It has given us a sustainable way to apply what we’ve learned and make a meaningful impact.” – PD

“The waste management and landscaping program with Muselwa and Projects has been instrumental in shaping my career. The practical training and support from facilitators have prepared me well for the field.” – K

Our Footprint

We are committed to leaving a lasting impact on the industry and communities we serve. Through our dedicated efforts in training and development, we aim to create a positive footprint that reflects our values of excellence, integrity, and innovation. By empowering individuals with essential skills and knowledge, we not only enhance their career prospects but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of local economies. Our footprint is defined by:

  • Community Engagement: Active involvement in community initiatives and partnerships that promote social responsibility and sustainable development. Industry Leadership: Setting benchmarks in training standards and practices that elevate industry performance and professionalism.
  • Educational Excellence: Fostering a culture of continuous learning and skills development that prepares individuals for current and future challenges in their respective fields.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Embracing technological advancements and evolving industry trends to ensure relevance and effectiveness in our training programs.

Our Team is Outstanding

Under the leadership of CEO Mrs. L. Mukheli, our super team at Muselwa and Projects embodies a vibrant spirit of unity and excellence. We are more than colleagues; we are a family bonded by shared values and a passion for making a difference.

From management to the cleaner everyone fosters a supportive environment, where team building isn’t just an activity, it’s a celebration of our successes and a chance to strengthen our bonds. From joyful outings to strategic retreats, every moment is an opportunity to grow together and build lasting connections.

Our dedication to our work is unwavering, driven by a commitment to excellence instilled by the CEO herself. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines with precision and exceeding customer expectations with a smile. Every project is approached with enthusiasm and a customer-centric mindset, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but surpass their needs.

Beyond our professional achievements, the team is inspired with passion for rural development. Through the CEO and her management, vision for community empowerment resonates deeply within our team, motivating us to innovate and implement solutions that have a positive impact on local communities.

Together we are a super team fueled by positivity, dedication, and a shared purpose. We celebrate our victories, learn from challenges, and continuously strive to uphold the values that define us. Our journey is guided by a commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to create meaningful change.

CEO Welcome Message

Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

It is with great honour and enthusiasm that I welcome you to Muselwa and Projects.

Our organization is founded on the principle of transforming adversity into opportunity. South Africa faces multifaceted challenges, including high unemployment rates, crime, malnutrition, and systemic poverty, particularly affecting female-headed households. These obstacles necessitate comprehensive, innovative solutions.

At Muselwa and Projects, we are dedicated to empowering individuals through meticulously designed, data-driven training programs that are aligned with market needs. Our initiatives focus on equipping participants with essential skills, fostering socio-emotional resilience, and promoting sustainable economic development. By forging strategic partnerships with local enterprises and community organizations, we ensure that our efforts are both impactful and sustainable.

We are committed to continuous improvement and community engagement, driven by a deep understanding of the unique needs of those we serve. Our vision is to enable every individual to achieve economic stability and become an agent of change within their community.

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our mission. Together, we can create lasting, positive change and build a future where every South African has the opportunity to thrive.